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At Ferguson Snell we understand the complexities of UK, US and Global immigration processes. Each country has separate legal requirements; different issues can arise as a result of different sets of criteria and changing legislation.

We help businesses around the globe obtain the relevant work, business or dependent visas for employees and their families. The members of our business immigration team are adept at handling all categories of business and work visas, from short term visitor visas to longer term multiyear assignments for all levels of personnel.

The Ferguson Snell Approach is not prescriptive; we don’t look at our business immigration clients’ needs with a set procedure in mind. We work collaboratively with every client, adapting our procedures and finding the most effective, compliant solutions for each client on an individual basis. The business immigration team is experienced in dealing with staff immigration across a vast range of countries and all industries; each team member applies their considerable knowledge and experience to every case. This enables them to understand our clients’ needs and to guide each migrant through every stage of the process, from initial application to full compliance.

Whatever your business immigration needs, you can rest assured that Ferguson Snell will handle them effectively and compassionately. The streamlined way in which we operate means that you will have one direct point of contact and our “Sundown” response policy means that we will confirm receipt of all queries within a 24 hour period and deal with them quickly and efficiently.
Our business immigration services are offered across four main areas:

UK Business Immigration

We prepare and conduct entry clearance and leave to remain applications under the Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 5 points based, categories. We carry out immigration audits to ensure that you achieve compliance; we can help you to secure Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS), appropriate business visas and provide strategic immigration advice and counselling to you and your migrating employees.

USA Business Immigration

Our US immigration team, based in the London office, provides accurate and timely advice to businesses seeking immigration services for employees through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and US Embassies around the world.

India Business Immigration

Our Asia Pacific office in India provides specialist knowledge of immigration from India into 88 other countries. We are also experienced in the facilitation of compliant immigration into India itself.

Global Business Immigration

Multi-lingual and multi-cultured, our Global immigration team is able to assist clients in over 17 different languages across all countries and industries. The team offers businesses with employees all over the globe high value, efficient and compliant global immigration services across all countries and industries. The team offers businesses with employees all over the globe high value, efficient, compliant global immigration services.

United Kingdom

We work in strategic partnership with clients to offer an unrivalled, high value service to all of our UK business immigration customers.



Our India business immigration team are experts at helping businesses move employees into and out of India expediently and with optimal compliance.



Experienced and professional, our global immigration team are committed to offering every customer the very highest levels of service and delivering the best outcomes.

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